About Us

Metro has long been a leader in the tele-services industry. Metro is nationally recognized at implementing and successfully managing a wide array of New Customer Acquisition, Retention & Reactivation, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, and Research/Survey programs. Our ability to rapidly adapt to a wide range of client expectations is a hallmark of our representation. It's about People, Process and Technology!

As of January 2014, Metro has successfully served the business community for more than 38 years. With more than 100 years of combined contact center management experience at the leadership level, Metro consistently achieves our client's objectives.

As the marketplace continues to evolve and competitive fiscal pressures increase, our management teams have adapted and developed creative solutions for our clients to achieve their goals. As a result, some of the nation's biggest brands in verticals like Media, Communications, Consumer services and others continue to embrace our extensive experience, placing their trust in our ability to increase market share and retain valued subscribers.



Contact Solutions

Customer Acquisition

Customer Profiling
List Creation
Lead Generation
Events Support
Customer Survey
Cross Sell/Upsell
Customer Schedule Follow Up
Customer Retention
Customer Win Back

Order Management

Simple & Complex Order Processing
Support for Incomplete Orders
Processing Web Based Orders
Invoice Processing
Credit Vetting
Order Status Enquiry
Co-Coordinating Site Engineers Visit
Creation of New Account
Provisioning of VOIP Services & DOI
Voice & Data Product Order Provisioning

Customer Support

Consumer Campaign
Internal Customer Support - Prices, Schemes
Line Activation
Feature Promotion
Feature Upgrades
Delivery Rescheduling
Fault Enquiry
End-to-End Customer Support
Directory Assistance


Credit Management
Early Stage Reminder Service
Late Stage Reminder Service
Bill Collection
Late Stage Collection Using Direct Debit System - Business
Late Stage Collection Using Direct Debit System - Customer



Metro's sales and customer care agents possess several years of experience in handling tough objections in tough markets. Because of this, the Metro culture is acutely familiar with handling customer care and consumer awareness issues that may arise during any and all campaigns - it's our job to be prepared.
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Management issues surrounding contact centers have become increasingly complex and challenging over the last decade. As a result, the media industry continues to fully embrace our extensive experience in many Customer Engagement strategies and Revenue-generating models.
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Metro leverages the latest in hosted and on site voice and call recording automation technologies. database systems and management techniques that maximize results.
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Metro's Quality Assurance team works sunrise to sundown to ensure the highest level of quality. Our Account Management team is an extension of our partner's valued brand! We live that brand everyday.

Our exclusive outbound representation and integrated in-house support is the point at which many media and broadband organizations tap into a 35-plus-year track record of expertise for building, training and managing productive contact centers.

Our facilities use the latest in predictive-dialing technology and maintain rigorous quality standards to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, including the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standard (DSS). We employ highly trained sales agents with industry-specific knowledge and experience to ensure the highest levels of customer communication, satisfaction and guaranteed conversions. And, to capture changing demographic trends and satisfy the specific needs of our customer's marketplace.


Data Integrity

No matter how complex the project or how many different parties play a role, Metro is well positioned to facilitate data manipulation and information transport in a secure, efficient, effective way, adhering to the highest industry standards for:

Using world-class data center facilities:

High efficiency and High power delivery
Ambient air cooling
Built on bedrock
10-30 minutes away from International airport
Multiple sub-stations deliver power
10Gb ports on campus and between data centers

Career Opportunities

Clerical/Management/Sales/Supervisory/Training & Development/Quality Assurance

Strong Work Ethic
Good Interpersonal Skills
Be Highly Motivated
Be Serious Minded and Eager to Learn
Be Self-Starters
Be Computer Literate
Strong Personal Integrity

Attractive Compensation Packages!
Excellent Incentives!
Dental/Vision Benefits!
Advancement Opportunities!
Paid Vacation!
Security in a Stable, Growing Organization!


Contact Us

For more information submit a request or contact us at:

Metro Contact Center Solutions.
150 Dalton Dr.
De Soto, TX 75115
PO Box 767
De Soto, TX 75123

972-230-4555 Fax